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Delta Infinity Ⅲ

7thSense Delta Infinity series media server appliances are capable of Ultra HD, 4k60p, 4k120fps, or 8k60fps of uncompressed video playback in real-time.

Scalability is built-int the design, the ability to join multiple Delta servers into a single coherent server system playing fully genlocked, synchronised, frame-accurate media.

Delta is capable of driving flat panel arrays (including panel orientation & bezel management), curved screen projection, full hemispheric 2D or 3D Projection mapping onto buildings and other shapes.

We are experts in Media Serving throughout a variety of markets form Theme Park Dark Rides, Visitor Attractions and Full Dome for Planetaria + Live Events.

Real-time show control software

Delta has fully realtime composition of media, allowing you to alter the show or display configuration interactively with live feedback onscreen, perfect for Live Event production.

Delta provides Telnet or RS232 control over the timeline playhead, media positions on screen, audio/video levels and EQ, speaker mixing, interactive pre-scripted sequences of actions, system configuration and feedback on system and playhead status.


4K60p uncompressed video playback

A single Delta Infinity server is capable of serving 2 or 3GB per second of uncompressed movies which can be full 4:4:4 or one of our light compressions (YUV-4:2:2 or YUV-4:2:0) tailored to your performance requirements.


4k60p from single video output

Delta Infinity media server scales 4, 6, 8 & 12-Output for each 4k60p fully uncompressed video serving.


Clustering support

Delta server’s ability to join multiple servers into a single coherent server system playing fully genlocked, synchronised frame-accurate media including uncompressed video with 8k or beyond resolution.


Manual warp & blending

With Delta’s built-in realtime display management, it can serve 2D or 3D stereo movies onto any display surface, from flat, curved, full dome or 3D projection mapping onto any shape screen.

In our standard Delta Lite software, we have full realtime distortion correction, edge blending and colour correction. These are interactive in realtime on screen, so alignment of the geometry and blending is easy an intuitive.


Auto-Alignment, Warp and Blending by Scalable Display Manager (optional)

Delta supports multi channel auto-alignment which allows the user to automatically warp and blend a multi projector screen to match the image onto a flat, curved or dome shaped screen.

Using Scalable Display’s patented camera feedback technology Easy Blend™ , integrated directly into Delta, we can create a single seamless display in under a minute using a standard Digital SLR camera and a simple setup process.


Graphic outputs 

Standard graphic card NVIDIA Quadro K6000 x 1 (Up to 2 cards)
Display connectors
(per one NVIDIA Quadro K6000 card)
DVI-I x 1, DVI-D × 1, Disppay port x 2


Other input/output ports

HD-SDI/DVI/HDMI outputs as an option


Estimated movie playback time length

  1.8TB(16 x 120GB SSD) 7.2TB(16 x 480GB SSD)*optional
4:2:0 (half data rate) about 32 minutes about 128 minutes
4:2:2 (two-thirds data rate) about 24 minutes about 96 minutes
4:4:4 (full data rate) about 16 minutes about 64 minutes


Supporting file format

Movie Delta’s movie converter uses Direct Show Filters of Windows, so it can convert any movie which is playable on the same PC.
* Alpha-cannel is supported with TGA, TIF, PNG format.
* TGA or DPX format is recommended for image sequence.
Audio WAV, MP3, MP2, AIFF type
* Surround sound audio can be created using multi-channel WAV or individual mono WAVs(preferred), which can be direted to the appropriate output within Delta. 
* Each server in a group can play up to 16 channels of audio



Live event

7thSense supplied our 6-output uncompressed Delta Media Server to Diego De Anna (New Media) in Spain for the recent Madrid live event showing off the fabulous new Audi A3…


Projection mapping

7thSense worked with AVAT to design a display system and media serving solution for an innovative mini dome comissioned by BBC Worldwide. The dome is located in a ‘soft area’ and coffee lounge where staff and visitors can sit and relax. It shows content outside and houses live TV programming inside and has become an iconic feature of the building’s atrium.


Themepark Attraction

The immersive experience features a Delta Nucleus Media Server powering a five-channel Christie DS 6K-M projection system onto 270-degree wraparound screens, all installed by Electrosonic. High performance special effects audio and tremors simulate the earthquake for the standing audience.


12k 60p Media Serving

12k 60P Media Serving at IBC 2014!


Digital Theater

SEGA ORBI Earth, Yokohama, Japan