Technology Joint Corporation Asia Pte. Ltd.


Ceaseless hope for the future and a spirit of challenge
From scientists like Euclid and his ideas about dimensional space to scientists who built the modern world

James Watt, improver of the steam engine and promoter of the Industrial Revolution
Charles Babbage, father of the computer
Thomas Edison, king of all inventors
John Fleming, inventor of the vacuum tube
Nikola Tesla, immortalized by the radio, fluorescent light, and “tesla” unit for magnetic flux density
Guglielmo Marconi and his contribution to wireless communications
John Logie Baird, pioneer in television broadcasting technology
And Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web

In space development, the Apollo Program promoted by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy met with success when Apollo 11 took mankind to the moon in 1969.
That historical achievement then led to the development of the space shuttle under the Space Station Freedom Project and to the International Space Station Project.

Carried by the sagacity and courage of scientists like these, mankind has throughout history turned its dreams into reality in an incredibly short amount of time.

Now, new technologies promise to take us into the future―core technologies like encryption, image processing, codecs, grid computing, and virtualization, as well as advanced technologies like GPU computing and cloud computing.

Our role in all this is to lead the way in providing products and services with systems integrated with these core and advanced technologies.
These products are used in a wide variety of fields and organizations, ranging from space exploration and aviation to machinery, automobiles, medicine, life sciences, supercomputers, game development, finance, data centers, universities, government offices, and research institutes.

"Technology Joint Group = Fusion of Advanced System Technologies"

For the dreams of mankind and the future of the world, it is our mission at TJC to stand at the forefront of the times, drive the advance of knowledge, experience, and expertise, and continue to meet bold challenges to become a trusted business partner.